Rent a kimono and stroll around Kyoto

Kimono Rental with Kyoto's Traditional Kimono Shop
A 3-minute walk from Shijo station (Kyoto subway) and
Karasuma station (Hankyu Railway)

Japanese Kimono Experience

An effortless
experience that will
take only 5 minutes.
Wrapped in a real silk furisode-style (formal) kimono, you can easily transform into a Japanese princess in 5 minutes! We will also take photos of you with your own camera. Would you like to create travel memories through this experience?

2000 yen (tax included) per person

*We will use the customerʼs camera to take photos.
*You can do 2 different poses for the photos.
*Customers who are also renting kimono from our shop can participate in this Japanese Kimono Experience for 1000 yen.