Rent a kimono and stroll around Kyoto

Kimono Rental with Kyoto's Traditional Kimono Shop
A 3-minute walk from Shijo station (Kyoto subway) and
Karasuma station (Hankyu Railway)

Kimono Rental

Feel reassured renting kimono with our traditional kimono shop! We can arrange to deliver your street clothes to your hotel and accommodations!

  • Embroidered inner collarMaking your kimono outfit even more glamorous!
    500 yen

  • Hair AccessoryYou can choose the hair accessory that you like.
    500 yen

  • We can arrange to deliver your clothes to your hotel and other accommodations. (Delivery to some areas may not be possible.)
    For 1 person: + 1,000 yen (For 2 or more people + 500yen/person)
*This hotel and accommodations delivery service is for the clothes that you wore to our shop and your belongings.
  • Long haori (outer covering) 500 yen
  • Shawl 500 yen
  • We will also provide body warmers as a gift!
Hairdo Plan
For our customers who would like to wear kimono/yukata and have their hair professionally done! This professional hairdresser service is very popular with our customers and requires reservations.
Hairdo Plan
Hairdo Plan Reservation Information (for our kimono/yukata rental customers):
Until 5:00 PM 1 day before1,500 yen (plus tax)
After 5:00 PM 1 day before/Same-day2,500 yen (plus tax)
Other Fees
  • Requires reservations
    3,240 yen (tax included)
    We can also teach you the makeup style that suits you. Customers who bring in their own kimono, rent kimonos/yukata from our shop, and wear kimono/yukata at our shop can all choose this option.

  • Requires reservations
    Hairdo and Makeup
    5,500 yen (tax included)


The reservation cancellation charges are listed below:

・Up to 2 days before: No charges
・Up to 1 day before: 50% cancellation charge
・Same-day cancellation: 100% cancellation charge